Pre-sale Convertible Note

Pre-sale convertible notes convert to either Equity or Tokens following the ICO as follows:


Token price $0.1

Discount: 90%

Hard cap: $750,000

Percentage of total token supply: 15%


Minimum: $50,000

Valuation cap: $5,000,000

Conversion: ICO smart contract finalisation (Dec 15th, 2018)

Structure: Negotiable

Smaller investors

Pre-sale investors only interested in tokens at the 90% discount (e.g. those investing less than $50,000) can still participate using the pre-sale contribution address: 0x2bd66db7fef6403bece86620ea43f5c9922eb679* with a minimum contribution of 0.25 ETH. KYC/AML is necessary and completed via email: This is a straight forward contribution with no convertible note.
* For contribution address verification see our Website, Medium, and Github