The DAP project rewards with Ethereum as well as DAP tokens

Awards will be published weekly in a public sheet here. DAP tokens will only be transferable after the ICO.


We will airdrop 100 DAP tokens to those who join our telegram group, DAP pilot telegram channel, PLUS follow us on twitter. This will be managed by telegram bot soon, but for now ...

Ethereum (5% of all ICO proceeds)

The pilot DAP is live on the Ethereum testnet.

  1. Journalists can publish articles and earn ETH
  2. Curators can curate and earn ETH
  3. Bug bounties will be paid in ETH

We will distribute 5% of all ETH raised in during Token Distribution to pilot journalists and curators.

  • Successful article submissions will be paid ETH for test-ETH earned 1:1.
  • Curators will earn based on a staking system where 1, 3, 4, 5 stakes represent the curator reputation level attained in the pilot platform during any given testing/stake period.
  • Those (journalists or curators) who substantially support the bug reporting and issue fixing process will also earn ETH rewards.

Example: A curator that achieves Category A reputation at the end of two weeks testing could earn $500 paid in Ether to his/her Metamask wallet.

You can see the allocations in our management spreadsheet and see the live platform reporting here.

Bounties (5% of all DAP tokens)

Valid contributions to the discussion about the Decentralized Autonomous Press will be rewarded with DAP tokens. These include:

Independent articles (e.g. Medium)

  • Articles about the idea, token model or project. Want some ideas? Contact us! Here's some ideas meanwhile:
    • An article breaking down Elon Musks recent tweet storm against the media showing how solves the problems, or this Vitalik Buterin tweet storm on the same issue.
    • Mark the centenary of Belloc's Free Press with an exposition about why blockchain finally solves its challenges.

Published articles (e.g. on Forbes, The Merkle etc.)

  • These must acknowledge that the author was rewarded in DAP tokens for the content


  • A video about DAP, or an ICO review video published on youtube etc.


  • Infographics, pitch decks, beautiful graphics and explainers all have enormous value in terms of story telling and community building. Talk to us if you want to help, and are qualified in your art.

Social Media

  • Twitter - informative comments about DAP as well as retweets of DAP tweets or shares of other's content about the project

  • Facebook - informative posts about DAP as well as shares of DAP posts or shares of other's posts about the project

White Paper

  • We are very interested in contributions to the white paper. DAP arrives 100 years after Belloc wrote "The Free Press". Academics and students may have devoted much study to the topic, and we will be happy to reward input.

Bitcointalk and Reddit

  • We cannot award bounties for such platforms because they expressly prohibit incentivised posts, however, if your contribution is within these communities we will reward you at our discretion.


  • We don't really think white paper translation lends itself to staked bounties and will source translations the normal way.

You can see the maximum stakes for each category in the Bounty management spreadsheet.

Bounty administration

The bounty rewards to journalists will be evaluated fortnightly and the management spreadsheet updated.

"Discussion" rewards will based on submissions by those taking part, and the management spreadsheet updated. "Discussion" bounty participants should submit their work maximum once per week.

Bounty administration is by the ACT Foundation team*:


Paul Walsh

English language


Ian Cunningham

Spanish language


Liza Martynova

Russian language

* The bounty team will convene to discuss bounty allocations weekly. Awards are made entirely at their discretion. There is no recourse whatsoever. The only means to communicate on the topic of bounties is the submission form